Friday, 17 April 2009

Thoughts, ideas and plans from MW2009

Just a quick post this time to sum up some of the things I've got out of MW2009 so far. They're a bit stream of consciousness but I wanted to record them whilst I'm still buzzing from the conference inspiration!

1. Interested to hear yesterday about a lady from the US (I'm sorry that I can't remember her name or her institution but it was to do with Egyptology) who uses Twitter in an interesting way to keep school children engaged. I've been wracking my brains since I started my e-Learning role to think of ways that social media can really work in a learning context (rather than a more general, promotional capacity for the museum in general). This organisation have a number of mummies that children discover when they visit the museum. When they leave, each child can adopt a mummy and that mummy has a Twitter feed. The mummies then keep the children in touch with what's going on in the museum that might interest them, in the hope that they come back with their families and teach them what they learnt in their school session.

2. Started a blog post already on 'tips for project managing e-Learning resources'. Hoping that if this sparks some discussion, I could maybe at some point set up a wiki which other e-learning museum people could contribute to so that we can build a really good centralised resource to help each other out with projects like this. All suggestions welcome!

3. Was interesting to hear about the American perspective on evaluation and how it differs from Inspiring Learning for All in the UK. I definitely want to think quite carefully about how I can apply some of the suggestions they made to future projects I'll be working on.

4. Really great to meet Sharna Jackson of Tate Kids yesterday and to hear about how she set up Tate Kids. I hope to be able to talk to Sharna again when I'm back in London as it would be great to pick her brains further about her experiences setting up this great resource.

5. Fascinating to hear about the different wiki projects in the session which I spoke in yesterday. It demonstrated really clearly one of the key points of my dissertation i.e. that it takes a lot of time and effort to foster these museum wiki communities but it was really cheering to see that paying off in some of the other wikis which have been around a bit longer than the BPMA Wiki and have been doing some really amazing stuff. You can read the other papers here: (Go to Wikis and the expanded museum community bit)

6. As I said in my previous post, it's just been really great to meet like-minded people and just take the time out of normal daily working life to think about what we do, why we do it, how we could do it better etc. It's really lovely to feel like a part of my brain that often gets stifled has a chance to breath!



Anonymous Shelley Mannion said...

An inspired post Rhiannon. Some time ago, I had an interesting exchange with Brad Larson ( about using Twitter as a learning tool in museums. We barely scratched the surface and it is definitely time to take the discussion further with some actual experiments and implementations. I love the adopt-a-mummy idea, especially if each one has a distinct character which comes across in their tweets. Perhaps the adoption cards children use to decide which mummy to follow could reflect their tweeting styles. For example, the mummies use of language (slang, colloquialisms, complex words) could reflect their personalities.

I also agree that a wiki or some other type of collaborative web resource would provide a much needed way to share information between UK e-learning professionals. I'm wondering if it makes sense to start with an informal gathering in the real world. For example, we could organize an evening where those of us who attended Museums and the Web debrief and exchange ideas about brining insights from the conference back into our institutions. I'm particularly interested in hearing about sessions I didn't manage to attend, and reframing those I did in the context of e-learning.

18 April 2009 at 03:00  
Blogger Rhiannon Looseley said...

Thanks Shelley

And sorry I didn't reply to your post sooner. I'm just going to read your exchange with Brad Larson now - thanks for the heads up.

Really keyed up with the idea of the wiki now so going to talk to Martin B about taking it further, watch this space, will keep you posted!

26 April 2009 at 16:11  

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