Tuesday, 13 May 2008

After my somewhat angst-ridden post last week about research questions, I've agreed with my tutor that my proposed 'big question' is ok: 'Can Wikis work for museums: the practical and conceptual challenges of wiki technology for the BPMA'. He says that it's important, however, that I 'unpack' this question a little. I guess basically this means thinking what other questions are inherent in this big question, so here goes:

  1. What are the challenges?
  2. Can the challenges be overcome (and how)
  3. How are the challenges that have been identified by others relevant in a museum context?
  4. What type of Wiki pages/topics particularly appeal to a museum audience?
  5. How much work in involved in museums using Wikis?
  6. How do you go about getting people to use a Wiki?
  7. Is there an inherent contradiction if an organisation tries to lead on a Wiki when Wikis should fundamentally be egalitarian and democratic?
  8. What does 'can wikis work?' actually mean - I guess basically can they achieve the goals they set out to, can they attract new audiences, can they enhance the BPMA website. I guess this will mean that my background section will need to look more carefully at what the wiki set out to do. (Steve - I know most of this but it reminds me that I must really get round to asking you questions about it a bit more formally!)
This gives me more of a focus I think and it makes sense in my head (finally) so hopefully now I can carry on as I was with writing the first few sections!


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